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Great Sampler Set!!

These teas taste great and definitely have a calming effect. So happy I was able to try all the Chakra teas! Packaged very cute also!

Centered and Grounded

Love this candle, have it on my work desk and smells great!!

Love this!!!

Smells amazing!! So glad to add this to my routine!!

I love this soap. It smells so good and I feel so clean after! Definitely going to need to buy more.

The smell is so beautiful and I love the way it makes my skin feel!! The best addition to my self care routine.

This oil smells AMAZING. It feels so good on my skin and leaves me so soft. I can’t get over the smell!!!

It smells so good!

I'm gifting this candle to a friend. It smells so good and she is going to absolutely love the intention of the Throat Chakra affirmation!

I can't get enough!

Omg I love the body oil so much! I have keratosis polaris on my arms and I'm hoping it helps soothe my skin a bit. So far, I'm absolutely loving it, and having that little moment of self-care after my shower is so wonderful. It smells so good, I can't get enough!

Love love loveeeeee!

Love love loooooove your third eye body oil! And the orange soap! I forget the name of the orange soap, but it is so uplifting and hydrating! can't wait to try out the bath soaks next!

So beautiful

My friend gifted me the Heart Chakra candle, which we lit every morning she was here. It was so beauitful! Also have been enjoying the Heart Chakra Tea...that stuff is BOMB!

Like receiving a warm hug for my soul

Receiving the Heart Chakra Box from my dear friend was like receiving a warm hug for my soul. The products were so luxurious, and the guided rituals were like a balm for my heart. After using the box, I felt a profound sense of healing and self-love that I hadn't experienced in a long time. It truly touched my heart and brought me back to a place of joy.

A Symbol of Grounding and Stability

My granddaughter knew just what I needed – the Root Chakra Box. After a year of feeling unsteady, this box was a symbol of grounding and stability. The bath soak and body oil were like a soothing embrace, and the meditation brought me clarity and a renewed sense of security. It's remarkable how a thoughtful gift can impact one's entire being.

Nothing short of amazing!

When I gave my sister the Third Eye box, I wasn't sure what to expect, but her reaction was nothing short of amazing. She had been feeling lost and overwhelmed for quite some time. After using the box, she said the feeling of overwhelm had lifted. She said the meditation had helped her trust her intuition again, and I couldn't be happier for her.

A gift that transcended the physical

My daughter gifted me the Crown Chakra Box for my birthday, and it was a gift that transcended the physical. The guided meditation opened my mind and heart to a deeper level of understanding and spiritual connection. The soothing bath soak and body oil made me feel like I was pampering myself in a sacred oasis. This box brought much peace and serenity into my life.

A catalyst for transformation

Choosing the Solar Plexus Chakra Box for my best friend was a beautiful decision. She had been going through a challenging time, and this box felt like a gentle nudge towards confidence and self-assurance. When she called me after using it, her voice held a newfound strength and positivity. I'm grateful for the Chakra Box for being a catalyst for her transformation.

Passion Reignited

I surprised my wife with the Sacral Chakra Box because I knew she needed a spark of creativity in her life. Seeing her reaction as she explored the box was priceless. She told me how the ritual and meditation had helped her tap into her artistic side again. It was as if the box had reignited a passion within her. Thank you, Chakra Box, for helping me support her journey.