Candle - Sacral Chakra


Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy Candle

Elevate your passion, joy and creativity with our Sacral Chakra Candle. The Sacral Chakra is your pleasure center, guiding emotional energy through your body and into your conscious mind. Formulated with uplifting essential oils, our Sacral Chakra Candle moves stagnant energy so you can experience your most creative, joyful life. 

P R O D U C T   D E T A I L S

Scent:  Lavender, Orange & Patchouli

Burn Time: 30 hours | 9oz

Ingredients:  Non-GMO Soy Wax, Cotton Wicks, Pure Essential Oils

Wellness Commitment: We only use all natural, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly ingredients in our candles. Our candles don’t contain any synthetic fragrances, parabens, petroleum, dyes, heavy metals or other harmful ingredients.