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Our Most Effective Third Eye Chakra Balancing Kit 

Trust your inner wisdom and intuition with our Third Eye Chakra Box. The Third Eye Chakra is your seat of intuition. Your intuition is your innate wisdom that transcends time and connects you to the wonders of the universe. Our Third Eye Chakra Box contains our most effective Third Eye Chakra balancing products to encourage you to follow your intuition and trust the answers that come from within. 

The Third Eye Chakra Box is more than a collection of self-care products, it’s a complete wellness experience crafted to deliver effortless, indulgent luxury in the comfort of your own home. The included Third Eye Chakra Ritual will guide you through a transformative self-care journey, featuring a divine Third Eye Chakra Meditation designed to help you connect with your intuition and trust the answers that come from within, while the included herbal and aromatherapy products work synergistically to activate and balance your Third Eye Chakra. 

P R O D U C T   D E T A I L S

You will receive the following products in your box, at a 10% discount compared to purchasing each item separately. Your box will also include a free guided Third Eye Chakra Ritual and a guided Throat Chakra Meditation (a $49 value), exclusive only to Third Eye Chakra Box purchases.

G I F T  O R D E R S 

The Third Eye Chakra Box makes the perfect gift for a friend who already has the answers within, but just needs a little encouragement to trust their intuition. We will include a free handwritten card in Chakra Box gift orders. To include a card in your order, just add your note at checkout and we'll do the rest!

W E L L N E S S  C O M M I T M E N T

We only use organic, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly ingredients in our products, ensuring you are nourishing your body with safe and effective ingredients that promote your overall wellness.

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Lisa R.
Nothing short of amazing!

When I gave my sister the Third Eye box, I wasn't sure what to expect, but her reaction was nothing short of amazing. She had been feeling lost and overwhelmed for quite some time. After using the box, she said the feeling of overwhelm had lifted. She said the meditation had helped her trust her intuition again, and I couldn't be happier for her.