Happy first day of spring! Today is a day for new beginnings, and we are thrilled to announce the launch of Cactus Moon Apothecary on this special day. We couldn't be more excited to celebrate this momentous occasion with you all!

For the past year and a half, we have been working diligently to bring something incredibly special to life - Cactus Moon Apothecary. Our mission is to bring balance, peace, and rejuvenation to women who are in need of self-care. As our founder, Katie Bywater, experienced extensive burnout, she discovered that self-care rituals were a vital component of her recovery. She explored different modalities and learned about the power of holistic medicine and ritual in healing from burnout. Through these modalities, Katie fully recovered from burnout. Today, Katie and the Cactus Moon Apothecary team are committed to helping other women find balance, peace, and rejuvenation through self-care rituals.

Our self-care products are all aligned with the energy of each chakra to help women heal their nervous systems, bring peace into their daily lives, and tap into their feminine energy. We believe in providing our customers with the best possible self-care products that are nourishing, safe, and eco-friendly. We use non-toxic and certified organic ingredients to ensure that our products are free from harmful chemicals that can interfere with hormonal regulation and contribute to various health issues. By choosing Cactus Moon Apothecary, you can trust that you are nourishing your body with safe and effective self-care products that promote hormonal balance and overall wellness.

We couldn't have made it this far without the support of our incredible team and our amazing community. We are excited about new beginnings, and we are grateful for the opportunity to share our passion for self-care with you all. Join us in our mission to promote self-care and embrace holistic wellness. We look forward to supporting you on your journey to heal your mind, body, and spirit.

To new beginnings,
Cactus Moon Apothecary

Katie Bywater